Achillies tendonitis scar tissue

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Approximetely nine months ago I got a fairly severe case of achillies tendonitis from overtraining and inappropriate footwear. I was stubborn and I tried to run on it anyway, and I think I made it much worse. Although a lot of the swelling has gone down in the past few months, I still have a couple large masses of scar tissue that won’t go away. I can’t do much, even walking seems to irritate it, and causes me to have tighness and pain all the way up to my hamstrings. I was told that the only thing I could do was get the scar tissue surgically removed, though I’ve read elsewhere that surgery may cause more scar tissue. Does anyone know about this? Also, if anyone has any recovery tips I’d be very greateful. This is indeed a frustrating injury.

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    rebecca were is the scar tissue?
    is it hard and bone like?
    have u heard of severs disease?
    how old r u?
    do u have pain on back of heel during sport?
    is it painful and stiff in the morning when first moving?
    does the pain get worse when u have finished sport?


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    You probably did make it much worse, unfortunately. I suggest seeing if you can deal with your scar tissue by means of massage and physical therapy first. You might be able to make a significant improvement that way and then if you don’t you always have the option of surgery.

    In the meantime stretch your calves with your knees straight and bent to stretch your gastrocnemius and your soleus msucles.

    Surgery will cause scarring of course. If you are fair skinned you may be prone to more scarring so follow the surgery with Physical therapy to deal with the formation of scar tissue.

    Good luck,


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