Doctor, I have several question on a non displaced talus fracture. I fell off a chair and was told that I have a non displaced hairline iniar fracture of the talus. I was in a plaster cast for 10 days and evaluated by ortho with x-rays. I was told that the fracture is not displaced on the very recent x-rays and given an air cast as oppose to plaster hard cast. Why? Also if the bone does not appear to be displaced after 10 days is there a chane it may still displace. Also I was told to not bear weight on it for 5 more weeks. After 5 weeks I am supposed to return for more x-rays and if all goes well a walking cast. Will it be painfull to walk at that point? Do these type of injuries cause authritis? Also I have been rading a lot about the necrosis what is that about? Thank You

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    The talus can be very difficult to heal. A lengthy immobilization is almost always indicated. One complication can be an aseptic necrosis and a long term arthritis can also occur. Unfortunately you need to be very patient with this injury. Hang in there.


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