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I am a seventeen year old girl with an ankle injury that has been peristent for the past eighteen months now. The front outside of my ankle on the joint is painful upon dorsiflexion. I have been to several doctors and been diagnosed with a different problem from each doctor.
I have worn a boot, been through physical therapy, and tried staying off of the ankle as well as undergoing arthroscopic surgery July 29, 2013 to try to fix the problem, and so far nothing has worked. I have had several X-rays as well as an MRI of the ankle. I also have numbness on the top of my foot as well as shooting pain when the incision scars are touched. This problem has affected me greatly because I am a cheerleader and I can no longer tumble. I do not expect you to diagnose my problem over the computer, but do you have any idea what my problem might be? Also, should the pain and numbness in my foot from surgery go away? If you have any ideas that might help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    From what information you have written, I am inclined to think you have a nerve entrapment. (There are 5 main nerves and many branches in the foot) The one associated with the top of the foot where you describe is the Superficial Peroneal nerve. I recommend you have a doctor do a diagnostic injection with a local anesthetic and if that works, follow up with a steroid injection. Good luck.


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