Ankle bruising

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Hi again. . . it’s the girl who had the non union medial mallelous a while back.
Had surgery 1 month ago, and this morning had the cast cut off and am now back in the boot.
So the question. . .is it normal for the surgery sight to swell a bit and get more bruised now that the cast is off?
Should I ice it or at this point should I be using heat? Wanted to make sure because I didn’t get xrays today because the xray tech was sick, but the Dr. thought it would be fine to go ahead and cut it off anyways as long as I wear the boot when I walk.
Was going to call the Dr., but it’s friday and they leave at noon.
Thanks for the help:)


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I do not want to override your doctor’s orders. On my patients I recommend ice 20 minutes on/10 minutes off during waking hours. Heat increases swelling.P.S. Doesn’t your doctor have a beeper or answering service?


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    He didn’t really give me any orders expect only to walk on it wearing the boot. I figured it wasn’t that big of a deal to worry with paging him, but just figured I would check here. It looks a lot better today. If it presisted, I would have contacted him.


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