ankle soreness after talar neck fracture

I was diagnosed with a talar neck stress fracture (MRI) and was put in a walking boot cast w/ crutches for 7 1/2 weeks. I had a CT scan at the end of that time which showed healing, and my doctor told me I could remove the cast and start walking in supportive shoes and going back to activity gradually. Of course all the muscles, including my calf and shin, were sore for several days from atrophy. That pain is now starting to subside (it’s been 9 days) and my foot is gradually feeling stronger. I have been walking, doing some foot excersis, and doing some light workouts on an elliptical machine, which felt fine. The one problem that seems to not be improving is soreness on each side of my foot on the outer edge of my ankle bones (closer to the top and front of the bones). The pain is very sensitive to touch, and prevents a full side-to-side range of motion. It is also a very localized pain, with little if any swelling. Could this be tendon and/or ligament soreness that will just take more time to subside? Or is it possible that there are cracks in the ankle bone that went undetected (or occured after I removed the cast)?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Your doctor should be the one to talk to you about this. It would be impossible for me to give you any information as I have not examined you or seen your films. If you are continuing to have this discomfort, I recommend you call their office.


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