ankles locks up

Im a dancer.. mostly tap. is my primarly. I’ve had this issue for several years, even during high school. but now its just worst. my ankles lock up..doesn’t take much after using them, the tendons or sumthing lock up, like tighten so I can’t flex my foot up or down and then I can’t tap or anything .. and if I try its when it gets sore because of my effort to try and flex it.. I can’t tap or anything when it does this.. they just lock up, like they can’t relax… what might cause this problem? I’ve tried foot warmer gel, cremes, lotion.. all bought over the shelf. and nothing seems to release it.. please help.. I have a show next weekened thank you it does this in both ankles, btw

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    What I would recomend is you see a podiatrist, (if you know one who treats a number of dancers that is even better) and have an examination. X-rays and even an MRI may be needed to help the evaluation.


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