Boyfriend’s pinky toes don’t touch the ground

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The first time I saw my boyfriend’s feet I was shocked. Neither of his pinky toes ever touches the ground! His left one sits about 1/4 inch above the ground and the bottom of his right toe is almost even with the top of the next toe.
He’s 24 and he says they’ve always been like that. He couldn’t believe I’d never seen toes like his before because he says he’s actually seen a few others.Maybe I’m sheltered but I’ve never seen anything like this. what would cause his toes to be like that? He doesn’t seem at all concerned about it but I’m just really curious now.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    This is a hereditary shortened tendon. It is not that unusual and only requires intervention when it becomes a shoe fitting problem. If it is not bothering the patient then it probably is best to leave it alone.


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    Both of my pinky ties don’t touch the ground, they have been like this since I was about 14/15 when they began to lift and rise when I moved my feet. now at age 17 they have started to overlap my fourth toes just slightly and they don’t touch th ground anymore. Like your boyfriend I have also seen others with similar feet.


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