Broken heels

Hello my name is tim and I fell in oct of 2010 off a ladder appx 22 feet and shattered both heels. I had 6 screws in my right foot and 7 in my left and plates in both as well. I have severe pain in both feet and have from day i’m having problems in both knees as well as my back. I have been to numerous doctors and therapist and just need advice or as much as you can give. I have been taking lortab pain medication since the accident. I do not abuse it and never take over my prescribe dose. I am currently on social security and am 43 years old. I tried to go back to work but now realize I just am not able.its like a chain reaction since my injury from my feet to my legs to my back.Is there a web link or somewhere I can go to talk with other people with the same injuries? any information you can send will be greatly appreciated……….Tim

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    I shattered my right heel 7/9 and also had reconstructive surgery w/a plate and 10 screws. You are welcome to email me if you would like. I have been talking to a few people w/this same injury and have found it helpful. Good luck in recovery.


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