Broken Pinky Finger

I broke my pinky finger June 27th in Reno playing volleyball it was a spiral fracture and the doctors there said I could wait 2 weeks until I go home to see an orthopedic. When I finally saw a doctor about 3 weeks after I broke it they said I should have seen an orthopedic alot sooner and that I needed surgery to straighten the finger. I had surgery almost a month ago and the doctor re-broke it straightened it and put 2 pins in. I was supposed to get the pins out 2 weeks after surgery but I was going to Disneyland and when I got back the doctor was gone for a week so I am getting the pins out monday one month after surgery. The doctor is reccomending I go to physical therapy. Is it worth it to go just for my pinky finger?

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    i broke my pinky finger ten days ago attempting to catch a football. I waited so long to go to the hospital because I thought it was just jammed. I went to the ER yesterday and they said it’s a spiral break. He said to go to the bone doctor asap. he said I might have to get a pin. I hope not.


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