Bruised ankle

My boney part of the ankle (lateral malleolus?) is excruciating to touch (part nearest heel). Stiff hiking boots were not tied tight and repeatedly tapped the bone. Have full use of ankle, no swelling or tender tissue. Can walk with no pain in low cut shoes but put boots on…BIG OUCH!! Any advice as off work (field scientist)for 10 days. Cheers!
The Kilted One, DOUG

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    I had a problem similar to your’s a few weeks ago, except that it was my medial maleolus. I had gone rollerblading my skates too tight, which caused me a lot of pain when applying pressure. Luckily, everything cleared up withing a few days. My trainer at school recommended that I ice it and avoid wearing shoes that were too high.

    Since you’ve been having problems for such an extended period of time, you should probably consider having it x-rayed. I read somewhere that you can get a stress fracture from impact, which seems to be a possibility in your case since you’ve been having pain for such an extended period of time. As for now, ice your ankle for 15-20 minutes at least three times daily and, like you probably are already doing, avoid shoes that rub the injured area. If this doesn’t seem to help you might consider using a “doughnut pad”. People use these when they have AC sprains in thier shoulders. This pad is merely a circle of padding with the center cut out, you then place this over your maleolus.

    Anyhow, hope this helps!



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