Doc,About 7 years ago I fell off my roof and broke my calcaneus bone (6 places). They put things back together (pins and stuff). Basically I have about 80% range of motion up and down and side to side. My job keeps me off my feet but on the weekends when I am on it it hurts in the evenings and the following day when I first start moving in the mornings. My question is that I want to begin an exercize routine (low impact) and I want to make sure that I will not be agraviating things if I spend 20 minites on an elliptical machine every day.
Thank you. Jeff

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    Hi Jeff,My 66 year old Dad fell 6 weeks ago and shattered his calcaneus. He has had a reconstructive surgery and is in his 3 month zero weight stage. I am looking for individuals who have been through this situation and can lend a voice of experiece to those going through it now. Specifically, my Dad is having an extremely hard time staying completely off of his foot – you could say that his defintion of zero weight is different from the doctors. If you have the time, we would really appreiciate any insights you could give to a family going through this time of situation. What is life like for you now with respect to your injury 7 years ago. Sincerely,Eileen


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