Chronic IT band pain

Man, I am close to my wit’s end. About a year ago I started my injury cycle with some hamstring tendonitis while mountain biking. I made it through the m.biking season, but by September/October my IT band started giving me trouble. I have seen a sports physician, two different physical therapists – I love my new one, and am completely compliant with stretching and rehab exercises. I also have hip flexor issues related to the quad attachments, and my piriformis is crabby and tight. Basically, my left leg is a basket case.

I can’t do any of my favorite activites. I learned how to swim over the winter and am left only with that. No snowboarding, skiing, biking, hiking – I can’t even walk my dog without pain.

The part that is most troubling is the fact that I have pain radiating down the lateral aspect of my lower leg. It originates near, but lateral to, the IT band insertion and shoots down my leg to my ankle and side of my foot. It totally sucks.

I am going to France next week, which is a big deal, a special trip, and I am thinking I may have to rent a scooter or be on crutches to do anything – especially in Paris.

Does anyone know if this pain sounds related to the IT band, or is it ANOTHER injury? I was thinking it may be nerve impingement. Any suggestions? BTW ibuprofen doesn’t even dent the pain. I am going to try Aleve today (wish I had some Vicotin ).

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    I understand your frustation I have ITB problem this is definate ITB related problem, I too am restricted to swimming keep me posted if you do overcome with this as I too am at wits end, I love my running, I had plans for a marathon this year after completing a half last year


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