Chronic Pain in Left Outside Ankle

I’ve severely sprained my left ankle two times in the last 5 years and I think it’s catching up to me.
I’ve had a burning sensation on the outside of my ankle for 3 months now. I’ve seen a Podiatrist and had an x-ray and an MRI.
The only negative outcome was from the MRI which revealed small fissures within the calcaneal neck where there is also a 8 x 4 mm ganglion cyst.
My Podiatrist believes my pain is due to tendonitis.
The doctor who reviewed the MRI doesn’t believe it’s tendonitis and concluded the cyst is probably not causing my pain.
Since my pain appears to be coming from the calcaneal neck area and up the Achilles tendon, do you think the cyst is what is actually causing the pain?
If the cyst is cracking my bone, should I have this removed?
My Podiatrist is not concerned with the cyst.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    These cysts are noted in MRI”S. If they are small, they usually are not the cause of the problem. In your case, since I have not examined you, I am only guessing, but I might consider a Sural nerve entrapment. This would not show on a MRI. Another possibility, depending on location is Sinus Tarsi Syndrome.


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