chronic tear of the medial meniscus

Recently I noticed a cracking noise when I extend my right knee out and at full extension it will pop. I had a MRI done on my right knee which showed a chronic tear of my medial meniscus. My doctor told me that chronic means its been torn for awhile. I am training to do the chicago marathon which is oct. 10. My doctor told me to go ahead with my activities including running as long as there is no pain. I have tightness at times and I do ice my knee after my runs. Am I ok to continue to run? Is surgery needed for the tear?

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    my husband, had a accident at work in january, he rip his muscle bicep in right arm, which they did surgery and repair, but he still has a popeye muscle. Now in august they needed do surgery for right knee when they did surgery the report said chronic tear of meniscuc was not repairable. the doctor said he would be off work 4-6 weeks, next will be his lower back on the right side they will need to do something. my husband is 63 years old do you think this would be a disability


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