Continual trouble with shin splints

After three weeks rest and seeing a physio following all of his advice and treatment I am still having major issues with my shins.

I have bought some motion control (more neutral) trainers that work with my orthotics well and I am incredibly happy with them.

Even after three weeks total rest I am experiencing severe difficulty in walking up and down slopes and negotiating stairs.
Despite my physio giving me the all clear to commence light training, my shins have worsened.
After a light jog I experienced severe pain down the front of my shins akin to the pain felt when a knock occurs. My shins feel bruised and the muscles very tender, I have since felt along the front of my shin and can feel bumps all the way down both which are very painful.

I am booked in to see my physio again this week.

Should the injury have calmed down by now? I genuinely feel that my return to training was not excessive and was under guidance from my physio…..

This is very frustrating.

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