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I tore my MCL in September playing soccer, then immediately when I started playing basketball (mid December) I had a different type of pain also.
I got an MRI immediately and it showed that my MCL was pretty much healed and that I had severe bone bruises. My knee also pops which the orthapedist said was due to my kneecap being slightly out of allignment. Right now I just have a basic tube knee brace with some support around the kneecap (a “J” type tubing) and two straps.
It’s made by bird & cronin.
I’m looking for a new brace though, the one I’m using has seen it’s better days. Do you have any suggestions of what type I should use?
It will be primarily for basketball, and track (I sprint 100m, 400m, long jump and pole vault).
I was looking mainly at the Bioskin hinged knee brace.
WOuld this be a good choice? Any suggestions? thanks much!~brie

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    Terry Robinson PT

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    Beisordorf and DonJoy make a good medially stabilizing brace. You need to see a good PT or trainer to get on a quad strengthening and hamstring/quad stretching program. Terry Robinson, PT, ATC


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