I spranged my ankle and the doctor took a xray and I did not have any broken bones in my foot, I was on cruches for about 3 days because it hurt to much to put presure on it.
They said I had a #2 sprange and that was it.
Now my ankle on the outside has been itching like when you have a cast on I was wondering does that come from the swelling going down its has been a week and 4 days into the sprange.
It still hurts when I walk on uneven payment and my ankle has no control when I step on a rock it rolls real easy.
I was also wondering about how long does it take to heal.
The doc said that it will take a month to run on it.
I can not get around all of the uneven surfaces and rocks because I am deployed to Iraq.
Oh yeah it is really still tender around my outer part of my ankle and the bruising is starting to go away.
I still can not walk right like down the steps I have to go sideways.
Since I spranged my ankle is it more easy to roll it again in the future.
Do doctors usually do MRI when you sprange your ankle to tell if you torn a ligament?
What exactly happens when you sprange your ankle?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    When the ankle is sprained, the injury is to one or more of the ligaments on either side of the ankle. The degree of injury can range from a mild stretching to a partial tear to a complete tear. The degree of injury is usually 1-2-3.An MRI is not usually indicated in an uncomplicated sprain. Treatments can range from ice, compression elevation and rest all to way to cast boot immobilization. In between treatments can include taping or numerous types of ankle braces.If the ligaments do not heal properly, the ankle will be somewhat less stable. It is important to allow time for this to occur. It can take as much if not more than 6 weeks. This depends on variables such as age, health, compliance etc.


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