Displaced bone in foot

I had a traffic accident 8 weeks ago and banged my foot. I had pain, but an X-ray came up negative and the doctor sent me home saying I don’t need crutches, and elevate it, and don’t walk too much and it will heal. 6 weeks later I still had pain and had another X-ray and this time the doctor said I had a displaced bone in my foot.
He had me see an orthopedist who told me that if he had seen the X-ray and identified the displaced bone 6 weeks ago, he could have pinned the bone in place and everything would have healed fine.
Now, however, the ligament has healed wrong.
My alternatives now are as follows, according to the orthopedist: fuse the bones (3 month recovery, possible later arthritis as an outcome, but probable full recovery of use of the foot), OR graft some ligament somewhere down there (same length of recovery, better arthritis outlook, but grafting would be kind of experimental, possible negative outcome that would require another surgery to fuse the bone). What do you make of all this?
My foot hurts, I can’t ski, I can’t walk much.
I am walking on it without crutches by the way, and am worried that I may be doing damage.
My boyfriend tells me to stay off it, but I’m too stubborn.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    The doctor is right about the surgeries. Which bone did you dislocate. It is sometimes difficult to see this due to the way the foot is structured. A CT or MRI can be more helpful. This is asa far as I can go given the limited information. You might consider getting copies of your films and getting another opinion from someone who can examine you and see the records. Good luck.


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