Lisfranc Fracture

My question is I am 14 weeks post operative on a open reduction repair to the second metarsal.
A pin was put into place, but after seeing the recent x-rays, the pin does not bring the fractured bones together. The facture can still be cleary be seen in the x-rays still, and I am still in pain.
My question is . . . isn’t the purpose of the pin is to help fuse the bones together and shouldn’t my pain be minimal by now?
Also I have not had any any Physical therapy either which I thought was very important in the recovery, Right?
Thanks for any help and information regarding my foot is greatly appreciated.
I don’t not want to question the Dr. without some kind of feedback or input from others.
So Thanks Again.lI

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am sorry I can not answer your questions honestly or fairly. I have not examined your foot nor have I seen your x-rays. I do not understand why you are reluctant to question your doctor about any of this. It is after all your foot.


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