Exercising my pain

I pulled my quad pretty bad a few weeks ago. I continued to ignore it until last week when, after running 2 miles, my knee began to hurt really bad. I have not ran or biked in the past 3 days and it’s killing me! My injury hasn’t gotten any better and I’m itching to do something. I was thinking about hopping on the incumbent bike in the work out room tonight for a few miles. Just something easy and flat without the impact on my knee and giving my quad an easy work out.

Any suggestions of some exercising I can do that would help me and not injure me further?

Thanks in advance!

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    It might not be everyone’s idea of fun, but it doesn’t strain the pain! And it’s good for a high endorphine boosting work-out. It will keep you fit whilst you can’t run. It works for me.


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