extreme pain / planters warts

9/9 dear doctor, I am a very youg and healthy 52 year old woman… I live in hawaii…german irish/ I am a chef and baker for 25 years / on my feet alot, until recently anyways I developed these growths during a stressful time in my lifeand was on my feet constantly. I owned and operated a bakery on mauaifor 5 years… It nearly killed me. I am used to getting peticures and keeping the build up around the warts (down) I am not treating myself to peticures and I am in extreme pain I can hardly walk… When I do I have compensated my walk completely… Please email me some advice before I am unable to walk… I am once again in stessful situation… I know I will eventually need surgery…would that be correct sincerely debra

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    There are podiatrists in Hawaii who can certainly see you and recommend appropriate treatment. Look in a phone book or ask friend for recommendations. Here is a link to podiatrists in Hawaii. Good luck.http://thestateofhawaii/physician-podiatry.html


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