Groin strain/testicular discomfort…

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Hi all

I have been playing football, and have been having to use Ralgex spray on the left side of my groin, very much along the line between testicles and thigh (forgive this awful description!).

When I lift my leg from sitting, it hurts when I lower it. I’ve also started to feel some discomfort in my testicles, a sort of dull ache.

Does this all tie into a groin strain or what? Any advice?

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    Well, I am still getting discomfort in my groin on the left-hand side. It’s also a bit in the right, too, and, I think (you know that pain that you can’t quite place?), my perineum, that area.

    I’ve had two urine tests, one had white cells in, the second came back clear.


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    sound like could be an inflamed muscle ‘groin strain’. In this case, the Normal R.I.C.E applies.
    This would seem the most likely, and depending on the severity may need the assistance of a sports physician… basically, since you posted 2 weeks ago, if it’s not improved by now (or getting worse) then you ought to see a doctor.

    are their any lumps or bumps, especially if you cough, as a hernia can cause pain in this region.

    Is there any burning when you pass urine, or discharge from the penis, as inflammation/infection along the genital tract can cause a lot of discomfort.


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    try different exercises/stretches to see what makes it feel better/worse to determine whether you’ve pulled something, or if it’s just hypertonic (over-tight). i would assume that you have a tight muscle that might be compressing a nerve (causing the discomfort in your testicles). you should really go to a doctor to rule out any serious disorders.


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