Hamstring tendonitis

I went for a long run one day after recovering from a three week cold/flu. Thinking I’d be fine I went for 2 1\2 hours. Made myself a nice case of IT band friction syndrome…well I still exercised… a lot. My main thing was the stairclimber, which also made me a case of very stubborn hamstring tendonitis. Soooo my IT band feels fine but now this infliction wont ever go away. I do everything my doctor told me to. I don’t know what else to do.. I am completly lost and very depressed. Anyone who has had this please can you offer some advice. Thanks!
Missing running 🙁

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    First time on here, was told today I may have Ischial Tibial Band Syndrome. Sounds like your hamstring tendonitis. Can someone tell me about both? Pain ++ on outside of lower knee, radiates up to groin and down outside of leg into the inside of foot. Ice helps only a bit. Can’t bend the knee at all. So painful it wakes me up at night. The MD i saw didn’t know how to help.


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