Did I receive poor ART treatment???

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Hi – I’ve been having ongoing problems from a case of ITB – I’m at the one year point now.

In the course of the year, my pain began affecting my glutes, hip and low back on the affected side (left).

The pain at the knee is much better now, but the tightness in my glutes/hip/low back are the same if not worse.

I began receiving ART treatments on all those areas 2 weeks ago. The second treatment was about 4 days ago. I have been in even worse pain ever since.

I went for a run after the second treatment, because I didn’t feel sore right away and the practitioner didn’t tell me NOT to run. The week before he asked me if I was “working out” that evening. I don’t know what happened but the side of my hip/glute (gluteus medius area) has been very sore ever since Tuesday and is not getting better.

Am I seeing a “bad” practitioner?? Or did he do some good to my sore area that isn’t clear yet – just really sore? Or did I just make myself sorer by running right away.

I’m going nuts. I never expected to get worse with seeing this person. I don’t think I’ll go back.

Help, anyone?

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    Dear Leeloo,

    I have had severe pain in the outside area of my hip, gluteus medius and S/I joint since an accident at work in August 2002. I had some neurological symptoms that matched a herniated L3-4 disc that was repaired in surgery, but the pain remained. I worked out like crazy at the the back rehab program I was placed in, yet the pain persisted and my gluteus medius began to shrink before my eyes.

    I was not allowed to choose my own course of treatment until after worker’s comp abandoned me. I immediately started recieving ART. This was last January. The doctor I saw had healed a badly scarred right rotator cuff for me several years prior, so I had a lot of faith in him.

    Yes, it hurts. ART therapy is extremely painful. But if what you have is scarred or adhered muscle fibers, it is necessary. And if you have been walking with a limp at all, but especially if you have had it a year, it will take time to fix. Recently I saw a physiatrist who diagnosed a “true trochanteric bursitis.” This is in addition to the scar tissues in my glutes, and is often a direct result of walking with abnormal body mechanics.

    I am persisting in ART because I can see the results. I am able to walk without limping for longer and longer periods. The bursitis is not reslved, but it is much better because I am not irritating it by ordinary activity.

    Try to be patient. Even if you are not sore yet, strap an icebag on, on your way out of your ART practiioner’s office. Take maximum doses of an NSAID. Wait for the soreness to come and then GO before running. I must caution you, though. If your problem is indeed trochanteric bursitis, you have to rest until it is completely resolved, or it will just come right back. And the more you have it, the thicker the bursae become and the more you risk permanent problems.

    Hope I helped,


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    Hi Leeloo,

    I am not an ART practitioner nor have I had it done. I have had one or two clients go through ART treatment for problems that traditional medicine couldnt solve.

    ART can be quite provocative. Getting worse before you get better seems to be a theme with ART treatment.

    One client of mine had ITB syndrome apparently as a consequence of some scarring in her illio-sacral area. She had four ART treatments (which made her worse before she got better) but ultimately had a good result.

    You might also check to see if your adductors (inner thighs) are tight. I recently had a bout of what might have been mistaken for ITBS which turned out to be tight adductors.

    I know this has been going on with you for a long time; my suggestion is to discuss your response with your therapist and let him/her explain why it should be so. If they give you an explanation you can buy stick with it. OW you might try to find another ART practitioner.

    Good Luck,


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