how long do I really need this cast on????????

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I broke my ankle and lower leg 3 weeks ago.
They said that the break wasn’t that bad when I got my cast on.
I went to the dr. today and they were supposed to put a walking cast on, and instead left this cast on and said I would have to wait another 4-5 weeks more to get it taken off. I build decks for a living and need to work. Do I really need to keep this on for that long?
Should I get a second opinion?


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    Don,What probably happened is that the bone ends shifted while you were in the cast, thus complicating the initial injury. This can be due to either the cast not being fitted properly initially, or, more likely, to the patient doing things which he was not supposed to; such as walking on a non-walking cast. Either way, if you are not careful, the bones will not heal properly, and then you will either need surgery, or have to live with chronic problems. I have seen this many times. If you want to get a second opinion, that would not hurt, but you need to do exactly what your doctor recommends. Let us know how you make out, and good luck.


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      Last week I stepped in a pothole and tore my #4 ligament in my ankle. The Orthopedic doctor put a cast on my leg for 4 weeks. In talking to others, no one has ever heard of a cast put on for torn ligaments. I now question the doctor’s decision. Is it necessary to have a cast?


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