I have a question about my upper back.

Hello Doc my name is jason cruz and I am in the Marine Corps but not for long. Listen I have a question on my upper back.
My upper back crackes all the time it makes all these different noises. And the pain is in my bones.
I mean I have bad posture and I cannot sit up straight without cracking my back.
My doctors in the marine corp say it is nothing but I would like to know mabye what is it. Everyone says that a shoulder blade is straight mine is indented in my back on both sides.
I need to know PLEASE.
So I can go to doctor and tell him because I do not think he understands.If you can email me back that would be very much apperiated.Jason Anthony Cruz

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    : If you can email me back that would be very much apperiated.: Jason Anthony Cruz Jason – I had the same problem and went to a chiropractor who adjusted my collarbone…good news was that the pain went away immediately as well as the feeling my chest was caving in! Bad news is that it will probably happen again because your ribs are held in by ligaments….


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