I've ruptured my ACL – advice please


I have posted a few topics over the last week or so and today I have had my arthroscopy and would like to share my results and hopefully ask your opinions regarding surgery.

So my arthroscopy showed a rupture of my ACL, no damage to any of my knee bones or cartlidge just the ACL. The surgeon said my knee is very ‘wobbly’ and that there wasnt much left of the actual ligament.

He said he is referring me to 4 weeks of phyiso and i am scheduled to see him again in a month to see how it has progressed but feels a reconstruction op may be necessary as I work in a physically demanding job in construction.

Just wondered if anyone else here has had the same experiences or has an opinion on ACL recon surgery?? Basically i have had this prob for well ober 4 years now and this was my 2nd arthroscopy. In the 1st I had part of ACL and cartlidge cut away.

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    Does anyone actually give advice here?
    Pretty please??


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