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Hi, am being tested for lower back, hip/groin pain (have had JRA for 15 years).
They are testing for a sacroiliac joint problem, hip arthritis problem or pelvic floor dysfunction. My symptoms are that I have bad pain in the very very lower back, hip and groin area for the last 5 months.
It is much worse in the morning and tends to get better the more I move and throughout the day.
When the Dr. has increased my usual dosage of nsaids for a week at a time, the morning stiffness and pain tends to get better (not completely gone, but better) for about a week or two at a time.
I get a lot of relief from lying on my stomach and pain lying on my back.
I haven’t really had pain while sitting until the last week or two, now that tends to hurt in one spot in my lower back.Any ideas or thoughts would be so appreciated—-

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    my hips come out of place alot and i have to go to the chiropractor every three months to have my back lined up. what is the cause of this? and what can i do so i wont have to go to the chiropractor for the rest of my life?? Thanks, Tasha Owens


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