Swelling after pedicure

Hello. I recently got a pedicure at a very trusted salon which I have been to many times without incident.
This time though the woman scrubbed a little too hard and my toes started itching the day after I went in, but they looked very healthy and normal.
That lasted a couple days, then the itchy toes (both big toes and one 4th toe) and the pads under them started swelling up.
At first it wasn’t so bad, but now it’s getting really hard to walk.
I may have made it worse by wearing high heels just before the swelling got to this point.
My toes don’t itch anymore and everything looks healthy except for the swelling.
Any idea what it could be?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    I recommend you have your feet examined by a podiatrist. It is impossible to determine from your description.


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