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broken ribs


How long is the recovery time usually for broken ribs? A friend has 4 broken ribs and she is 55 years old, but an x-athlete and in good shape.


  1. 1.How long is the recovery time usually for broken ribs? 2. The rib injury happen about 2 weeks ago. They has been getting progressively better. But this week they seem more sensitive (and painful) as they did in the 1st week. Do rib injuries always get progressively better?

  2. My 45 year old mother has 2 broken ribs. It has been about 3 to 4 weeks since the accedent and she steal can feel the cracking of her ribs. Is there anything you could suggest to help her healing process? Thank you

    • My 40 year old father broke his 2nd, 7th, and 9th ribs. He was recommended to use a wrap around the injured area and take pain medication for it. I want to know if there is something else availabe for it. It seems that he will be out of work for a while. Should he return to his job which demands a lot of manual work (bending over to pick up heavy objects)?

  3. HI my name is tanner mcintosh and i just broke one of my ribs and puctured lung.And it really hurts and i just wanted to know how long intell ill be thanks if you can give me this info.

  4. I fell two days ago in a dark movie theatre face down hitting my chest on the arm of the seat, momentarily, knocking the wind out of me. I have had rather severe pain since the fall. However, I know, medically, they do not set a rib, etc. I’m dealing with the pain, which bothers me most lying down & some positions sitting. I am a very active 60ish woman. I do yoga streches as a part of my daily exercise routine. How long should I expect to be unable to do the streches; how long for the extreme pain?Thanks for your reply.M. Thomason