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Deep heel itch – nerve damage??


For at least 2 yrs. or more, I’ve had a deep itch in my left heel (above where I step).
It is driving me crazy!
I can’t scratch it or relieve it and I feel driven to dig into the itchy area and see if there is something in there.
I’m feeling desperate, though have not attempted to self-operate yet!.
I wake at night with this intense itch.
I have several herniated discs and have had a numb sensation in my lower left leg for 2 yrs. after a particularly bad episode of back pain which affected my left leg.
Can the two be connected somehow?
I’ve been rubbing on heel crack relief cream but it doesn’t do a thing really as the itch is seemingly so deep in the heel.
Could this be from my back problem?


  1. At least now I know I’m not the only person on the planet with this problem. No sleep again last night due to the iintense itching. Been to dermatologists and podiatrist, and neither has provided treatment that works. Driving me nuts.

  2. Well, you are not alone. I was searching the internet about heel itch at 4 AM (because it wakes me up as well). I’ve had mine for about 2-3 years, but it comes and goes. I may have it for a few weeks, then not for months. It sounds like the same thing as what you are experiencing…a deep itch within the heel. I have not experienced any other symptoms (such as back pain), but I do have eczema on my arms and hands. When I mentioned it to my dermitologist, he looked at my heel and said there is nothing there (not a lot of help).

  3. I was sitting here, scratching my heel, and I decided to search the internet for a possible cause. The site I visited prior to this had me narrow my itch down to my right heel.Then, I read that there is a possibility of this “itch” being associated with nerves and back problems. I have a herniated disc that causes pain in my right lower back and down into my legs.It all makes sense to me now. Like many of you I have tried creams and other typical anti-itch strategies.I “cured” my back pain with hypnosis… I guess I’ll try that for the itch as well! Thanks everyone!

  4. I have had the most crazy itch on the heel of my foot for about a year and a half now. It wakes me throught the night and I end up taking a hairbrush or the hardest, jaggiest thing I can find. I scratch that much that my foot ends up bleeding. I was given cream but it made no difference.It feels like there is something under my skin almost like little balls.Im at my wits end please help!!RegardsCarol

  5. I went to a foot doctor and he took x-rays but saw nothing. I asked about a potential nerve problem and he shrugged, gave me some anti-itch cream, and told me good luck. I wish I could figure out who can fix this problem – it seems like creams (which don’t work) only cover up the cause!

  6. Did you ever find out what this is? I seem to have the exact same thing, but no associated back issues! My doctor suggested cream which has no effect.

  7. I just experienced a bout of this that nearly drove insane and it was just a few minutes. I used a foam roller and rolled out my leg and thigh and back and it seemed to make it go away. And yes I was dancing and twirling around on my itchy foot like a crazy person beforehand.

  8. I have been dealing with this for years ever since I was diagnosed with phybromyalgia and the itch is deep in the arch under my toes wakes me up out of a dead sleep itching so bad I want to cry

  9. Same as Kevin’s comment from Feb. 2016. If anyone funds out what causes it and/or how to make it stop please share! I’ll just be here digging my heel into abrasive floor surfaces :/

  10. I have the same thing. Deep heel itch, only at night. It lasts for weeks, or months, then goes away for months , then comes back

    I stand on a bristly doormat, put all my weight on my heels, and swivel around. Feels soooo good!

  11. I have also suffered from this awful condition, earlier this year for about five weeks, tried ice packs and cream from the docs, it eventually went away. Then about four weeks ago it started again and I felt in despair! The cream wasn’t working, only coldness helped and I used to hang my foot out of the bed, but slept badly as a result – in desperation I tried some medium size Compeed blister plasters and found relief straight away!! They have helped me for the last two weeks and I use a new plaster every night, it won’t do two nights – the itch comes back. I am sleeping properly again with both feet in the bed and the heel feels better , not so tender and red. I hope this helps my fellow sufferers, please give it a try.