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Ingrown Toe Nails


I think I have an ingrown toe nail but I’m not sure, my first toe looks like it is bent in the middle. I have tried to cut it out but that only helps for a short time and it was very painful. I don’t have any problems with walking on it but if I wear closed shoes the pain is very intense. If in fact it is an ingrown toe nail, about how much would a physician charge to fix t his problem?


  1. Dear Sir ,Iam a person with disability(spinal cord injury) .since last december ,i am challenging with my ingrown toe nail. i went to podiatrist mant times but everytime it gets worse. i was on anti biotic for a while , but agian didnt work. because of lack of circulation in my body wound doesnt heal soon. is there any recommendation? now 4 toes are getting red & swollen.someone told me if you dont cut your nail until the edges getting out of skin ,it will heal. is it right?thanksJasmine.M

  2. I have this problem for three months now. I was in India for this treatment with my family doctor. I would not allow him to cut my nail. But with local anasthesia he had both sides of my left toe nail. But it was better temporarily. Now after sometime it grew and only one side is affected and the other is healed. This one to get it again done, I had no time. I came to USA. Now this is paining me like anything. Here everyone says that the Doctors are too expensive. Please tell me what to do.Thanks Joseph