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Jones Break


My Aunt has a “Jones break” and I have been looking for answers to help her. She has been in a cast for 2 weeks and then went to an otho. doctor and they told her to stay off the foot completely.Now that has been 4 weeks. She went back to the doctor and there were no signs of healing at all. Is this normal? She is in her late 50’s and heavy set (5’10 about 225 lbs). I do not know if these factors make any difference. She is in limbo about surgery. Can she get up and walk on it? I have read that sometimes they do not heal at all? Is this true? And is surgery usually the answer? Thank you for you time!Kelly

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  1. I can tell you from my ongoing experience that a Jones fracture is frustrating!I am 27 years old and it’s been two and a half months since my Jones fracture occurred and I only have minimal healing. I am in a cam walker now and I am in the process of making a decision between having surgery or using a bone stimulator. I wish your aunt well. Hope she doesnt smoke or drink and that her blood supply to that area of her foot is better than mine!Just know if she goes conservative that it may be awhile.Best wishes.