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MTP implant arthroplasty


I am so discouraged.
I had an MTP implant put in aprox. 8 weeks ago, and he also “cleaned” the joint surface.
I was told I would be up and “running” within a month or at the least showing great improvement in activity.
As of today and after 4 weeks of PT I have far more pain than before the surgery and far less mobility!
Now other joints in pain due to me having gait adjustment do to toe pain and placement.
And before the surgery I could bend the big toe downward, now it won’t bend AT ALL, and upward movenment is the same before the surgery, which was non.
Yet far more pain.
My Big Toe at present is also not even touching the ground.
It also what my boss calls it… IT BONGS!
This happens when walking and the rest of the foot and toes hit the ground.
I have another follow up appt. the surgeon, but have to wait for the appt.
Has anyone ever had this surgery and if so is this normal and I need to just give it more time.
Please I am very discouraged and hope this is normal healing and will correct itself soon.
Thank you!