2 sprained ankles plus 1 Jones Fracture

I literally started the year of on the wrong foot when I missed a step and fell. The original diagnosis was moderate sprains of both ankles and a Jones fracture of the left foot. I have been in a hard cast and boot on the left and a soft cast and fracture shoe on the right. I am also using a bone stimular for 20 minutes each day on the left foot. I just had an MRI on the right ankle and it showed that among other things I have a peroneal tendon tear including tendinitis, an anterior tib fib ligament spain as well as an anterior talo-fibular ligament tear.
Ideally my DPM wants to cast the right foot but is very hesitant to have me in two casts at the same time due to mobility and housing issues.
At this point we may have to keep to the current treatment and wait until the Jones fracture heals and then move the cast to the right foot. Have you run across anything like this before?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Yes and let me say I am sorry about your situation. In the past when this has happened to my patient, we have a discussion about what is important and what is necessary. There is no easy answer and every situation is a bit different. I had my patient in a wheelchair. The only weight bearing was to get from the wheelchair to the potty or bed. This was the source of many a complaint and I fully understood that. I felt that the situation demanded it and I was supportive and understanding. You should discuss the pros and cons with your doctor.


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