Jones-like Fracture Doing Well

I’ve read lots of postings here about non-healing Jones Fractures, and I’m happy to add a positive comment. 7 weeks ago I fractured my 5th metatarsal in the Jones area, but a bit closer to the head of the bone than a true Jones (according to the podiatrist who treated me initially). I’ve been in a NWB cast from day 1, and just had it removed 2 days ago. I’m now in a walking boot and the foot feels very good all things considered. Swelling is almost completely gone, and the doc said I could even go around the house barefoot as tolerated.
I’m a bit worried though because I saw the x-ray and the fracture is not completely unioned. There remains a small gap in the outside of the bone which has not yet joined – perhaps 1/16th of an inch or so. The doc told me it will fill in quickly, but I’m worried that I may have been taken out of the NWB too soon. Another couple weeks would have been a drag, but worth it if there’s even a remote chance of refracture due to walking on it.
Is my worry justified?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    By all means see your doctor or one who is recommended. Bring your X rays from the hospital. The doctor will be able to give you much more specific answers. Do not necessarily believe that adage that it takes 6 weeks to heal. That is often timmes not the complete picture.Until then, I would suggest you remain non weight bearing on crutches until you know more. Good luck


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    : On getting out of hospital I relized I was told very little of what to expect in recovering. When can I walk, when will I be able to sail. Any tips for a fast recovery. Lastly it was not put in plaster is this alright ?: I hope someone can help


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