20yrs old -bicep tendon repair rehab?

I am wondering what rehab is done for a bicep tendon repair. Previously I have had my shoulder joint clean out (3 years ago), and rotator cuff repair with bone graft over cyst in humerous with cuff attaches (2 years ago). This surgery will be to fix the lebrum and bicep tendon that have detached, remove excessive fluid that has build up in joint and grind down some bone on the head that is catching. Right now I have almost full movement in my shoulder, will I be able to get back to this point with/after the surgery?

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    You have to be very careful with labrum tear surgeries. Most protocols don’t let you life the arm over 90 degrees for a while or it will wreck the surgery. Ask you doc specifically for the rehab protocol for this particular surgery. If you follow it closely you should be just fine. Good luck!


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