Achilles rupture update continued

Continued from previous posting. I’m trying to use the stationary exercise bike but my energy level has been so low that this has been problematic. The alternative of course has been to lie in a vegetative state whilst plugged into my only life support machine, the TV,… not a viable alternative!! So, I better use sheer will power and get on with it.

I’ve read on the internet that I can expect the repaired tendon to actually be stronger than prior to the injury, however my surgeon says the complete opposite. I don’t like the thought of having a weakened achilles tendon particularly given the fact that what I was doing was not strenuous when I injured it. I’m encouraged to know that statistically there is a 4%-6% chance of re-injury. I prefer to think of it as having a 94%-96% chance of NOT re-injuring. I’ve also read that people in their 20s or 30s or more likely to re-injury the same tendon. That may be because they return to much more rigorous activities than someone like me in his mid-fifties( gag that sounds old!!)

Physiotherapy will start in the first week of August. Massage therapy has been a big help so far. I’ve also been encouraged to massage the actual incision itself to keep it pliable.

Based on the way the foot is feeling so far, it seems that healing is going according to plan and that there will not be any complications such as chronic pain, limited range of movement etc. I’m not a really active person so I don’t expect to be doing anything that would put strenous pressure on the tendon. If I can get back to my dancing, brisk walks, and a little golf I’ll be happy. I do worry about the other foot however. I figure if I was able to injury my right one this easily, what’s to stop the other one from going too, given the right circumstances. Oh well, I guess that is a story for another day.

As so many of you have pointed out, patience is the key so whatever you do, don’t rush things or you might be setting yourself up for a major crisis. I will have my walking boot off in a couple of weeks but I don’t expect to be pain free until around Christmas and back to “normal”. This is because of the trauma the whole ankle and foot area has received. There are other tendons, ligaments, blood vessels,and nerves that are all affected as a result of the injury itself and the surgery. Right after surgery my foot was black and blue and swollen like the Michelin Man! The incision itself was ugly. Now, all of this is past and my foot is looking pretty good.

Though I’m tempted, I refuse to put any weight on the injured foot without it being in the walking boot. There is no way I’m going to rush the process. So, follow your surgeon’s suggestions to the letter and ask lots of questions if in doubt. There is a lot of good information on the internet. Good luck to all who have sustained such a miserable injury and I wish you a successful and speedy recovery.

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    Hi there, I just noticed your entry!
    You may have posted on the bigger thread which is getting long, but where are you at?

    As I wrote, I’m playing light tennis and working out regularly. I want to be able to do a one legged toe lift. I am doing all the possible exercises to build that strength.

    It’s been 4 1/2 months so maybe at the 6 month mark.


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