Ankle pain

I have pain in the outside of my ankle, more to the front(not over the bone, further up towards the front). It is extremely painful to point my foot, and hurts when i put my foot to stretch my calf as well. It feels like there is something in the way. I also have severe shin splints and my calf in that leg is tight as well. I was wondering if it is all related, and what is wrong with my ankle. I also just received orthotics, but this started before i got them. Thanks for your help!

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    Is the area that you’re describing on the top of your foot, right where it attaches to your leg? If so, I’d think that you may be having trouble with your flexors in your foot or your anterior tibialis muscle because this is an area that all those tendons come around to. I’m assuming the calf stretch you’re talking about involves bending your foot down or up, right? Pain during movements like that would probably mean that it is something with the flexors in your foot.

    Since you said that you had this problem before you got your othotics, I bet that you’re striding different because of your shin splints. (I went through a 4 month period with shin splints and they really make running difficult!!) However, the orthotics could have irrated it further.

    As for now, I’d say that the best thing to do would be to stop running for a while. If you have access to a pool, bike, or cross-trainer it would probably be best do just do that for a week or so to let this all clear up. Also try doing ice massage on your shins, that should help reduce some of the pain from your shin splints.

    I hope this helps! Keep me posted…..


    Oh! One more thing. Are you having physical therapy for your shin splits? My physical therapist had me doing some exercises which involved using a theraband on my foot and going through the movements of the ankle–dorsiflexion, plantar flexion, inversion, and eversion to try to strenghten my ankles. (How that would help my shins I have yet to figure out ) If you’re doing exercises like these or any others you might want to revisit your physical therapist to see if that’s causing the problem.


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