Burning toe w/ outside shin muscle discomfort


After a game of hockey [field variety, played on astroturf] the other week, I developed some strange, ‘trapped nerve’ like sensations in my lower left leg, with a tingling in the foot. Calf and hamstring stretches seemed to alleviate the pains and I assumed they would go away. 10 days later, however, they remain – I have a constant burning on the underside of my big toe and discomfort in the [lower] outer muscles of my left shin, both of which symptoms are worse at night. They don’t actually prevent me from walking/running/playing sport and thus, given that I can run around freely, I suspect shin splints or stress fractures are not involved, but I am a bit concerned by the burning and tingling in my toe. There has also been some calf and hip discomfort. Any ideas?

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