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I have pain inside my elbow joints which feel like my elbows are just incredibly worn rather than severe pain, although they twinge a bit too. I also have pain shooting up the forearms when i have impact on my hands. In addition to that my shoulders and rotator cuffs feel very worn and clicky and I have twinges down where my bis /delts meet.

I am a gymnast who also weightlifts. I think these pains might be worse after doing a chest and tris day, but the pain is felt mainly when doing gymnastics

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    What volume of exercise are you engaging in over a specific time?

    What is your resting heart rate when you first wake up in the A.M. and has it increased recently?

    Have you been gaining strength or loosing strength recently?

    Are you sleeping less or lighter then you normally do?

    Are you experiencing a loss of appetite or lower appetite then normal?

    Because you are weight lifting and participating in gymnastic training along with any other high intensity exercise you might be participating in, you could be experiencing some over training issues.

    Because of the generalized nature of your symptoms, if your training volume is high and you answered yes to any of these questions, backing off on the training volume and slowly ramping back up might help.

    Also, do you use any type of anti-inflammatory meds?

    I use SAM-e in conjunction with MSM, glucosamine and bromelain. I avoid the N.S.A.I.D.s when I can due to gastro-intestinal issues.

    I have a relatively high intensity and high volume training protocol, and since I started monitoring the key over training indicators and using this combination of supplements, I have not had any of the aches and pains that I have experienced in the past.

    Remember, inflammation causes pain and repetitive stress causes inflammation. So get enough rest and nutrition and do what you can to minimize the inflammatory response to exercise.

    Hope this helps!



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