Bone Spur going though achilles tendon

I have a bone spur going right though my achilles tendon that is very sever. I have had it now for almost 4 mos. My doc. has done every thing injections,therapy, rest, cast everything. Now he is talking about removing the bone spur. He said it was a very involved operation. He wanted it to be the very last resort.
He feels the recovery time is around 6 mo. I was wanting to know if you feel there is anything else we can try. I have now started getting the same pain in my other Heel. I am a CNA so I am on my feet all the time but I have been off of work now for 4 mo. Can you also tell me your thought on recovery time. Thanks for any info.Dawn

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Conservative treatment is a good idea prior to considering surgery. I would really need to examine precisely what was done and for how long before I could suggest anything else. Depending on the size of the spur the recovery from surgery can be several months. A job where one stands on your feet all the time is alot harder to geet back to than someone who sits.


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