Bruised instep/ball of foot.

I hurt my toe pretty bad, jamming into a wall playing racquetball, got it X-Rayed, nothing appeared to be wrong.
All of the pain was on the top of the big toe, where it connects to the main part of my foot. So I iced, iced, iced, and elevated it.
It took almost 3 weeks for it to go away.Now, after doing hardly any rigorous activity (mainly just the bike at the gym, to keep from reinjuring it), the pain is now back, and this time, on the instep of my foot, like on the inside part where the ball is.
The part I would say makes most contact with the shoe.
I wear wide shoes now to try to keep this bruising from occurring again, yet it recently has started up again.
I will note, that I have had issues in the past with the same spot of the foot, the instep where the ball of the foot is.
This was from wearing cleats that were too tight/not forgiving enough.
Is it possible there is something wrong, that I need to get taken care of? Softball is coming up and I don’t want this to happen again or get worse!Also, I saw an orthopedic surgeon, or assistant should I say, about 3 weeks after the original injury happened, and all they said is I was not icing it enough.
Help please!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    X-rays do not show soft tissue damage. If a tendon is injured a diagnostic ultrasound or MRI can be helpful. You might have a nerve that is injured. I would recommend further evaluation by a podiatrist.


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