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I just had surgery on both my legs for Compartment Syndrome in March. The pain was pretty much gone until I started training hard once again for my college soccer team. it seems like the pain has gotton worse and I am now unable to run on my toes, futher more when I walk down stairs I feel like my legs are going to give out and I just have an overall weakness feeling, is this something I should be worried about?

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    Yes! Since you are a college soccer player, don’t that you have access to a Certified Athletic Trainer? If so, have you told the ATC about your situation? If so, what did they suggest? If not, you need to see them ASAP! If, for some reason, you do not have access to an ATC, you need to return to see the Orthopedist who did your surgery in March. Please see a medical professional ASAP, and let us know what h/she says.


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    Hello, I had the same surgery on both legs as you exactly 15 months ago. Just to let you know, it took me 4 months to walk out of casts, and over 6 months to be able to jog again, and now I am doing ok(one year later). However, I feel that, like you, the symptoms are always there somehow in my legs. After mile 6 or so of running, my left foot is numb, but not all the time, just some days. I just have had to learn to work around the problem, the surgery definately helped for the most part; my advice– do boat loads of stretching, real easy on the legs before and after exercising, it does help me a lot. Joe


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    I had a wrist fusion on Oct 7, 2013.I developed compartment syndrome several hours post surgically and was rushed 3 times back to surgery. The pain has been extreme to nearly unbearable at times. I have very limited use of my hand and my hand remains very swollen. At present the doctors remmain hopeful for a fairly decent recovery, but have been frank with as to a complete recovery. It appears doubtful at this point.


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