complete tear of quadricept tendon had surgery

hi, almost 50, slipped fell 215 lbs deadcenter on patella to concrete. exercise regularly didn’t break and bones. torn vastus lateralus, intermedius and rectus femorus completly off knee. medialius was ok. doc sew’d quad tendon back on. Q1: how do tendons heel after a surgery? do they continue to grow, attach, etc. I understand how muscles heel. firewire sewn on tendon on knee and muscle end, together. Q2: can one continue sports usually? thanks terry

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    May PT

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    tendons heal well after surgery but the key to healing is time!! Also if you smoke I would suggest that you quite…smoking delays the healing process. Eat well and take a good multi vitamin. I hope you’re going to PT for your rehab, if now, suggest it to your doctor. You will be able to do sports again but not for some months. Good luck.


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