de quervains tendonitis

I am 20 years old and work in a manufactoring plant and have developed de quervains tendonitis—-I have been dealing with this since June 7th, and have seen a specialist twice.
I had an EMG done and it came back perfectly fine and was shocked to find out that I am just going to have to deal with this for the rest of my life, so my doctor says……. The question is could there be any other form of rehabilitating my wrists?
I suggested steroid shots but he said they would do more harm than good–what should I do??
I am in the process of looking for supportive braces for both wrists since I have been returned to my full time job and desperately need them—if you have any suggestions please let me know thanks……….

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    I would like to know what is your nature of your job?De quervains tendonitis is a kind of repetitive injury that leads to inflammation over the tendon. Therefore, propably you need a course of physiotherapy to decrease the inflmmation as well as strengthen the arm muscle as well. Besides, it is important to evaluate what is your repetitive action and seek advice to correct it I hope this help


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