double trouble

I just bought custom orthotics and found that in order to treat my heel pain(fascitis)my new orthotic had an elevated heel?
Which unfortunately put the weight forward on my mortons neuroma which is now worse even with a metatarsal pad.
In my previous setup which I had just jury rigged myself I had my heel well down with plenty of arch and got relief but didn’t know about metatarsal pads so still had problems.
Wouldn’t it make sense for me to have my heel down and a really good arch support plus a metatarsal pad for the best relief?
I want to talk to my podiatrist but I hate to sound stupid.
Still the new orthotic just makes me miserable with the heel up like that.
Why would they make it like that?
If I know “why” I would feel better but otherwise I want to find something else that works better for me.

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    Hi, Becky. I believe that the best resource for you will be your podiatrist. You should explain the problems that you are having and see if they can be resolved. Adjustments are often necessary, even with a custom orthotic. Good luck. Misti


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