Hamstring scar tissue

I have a grade 2 tear in the hamstring where it attaches to the pelvis and the tendon running all the way down the back of the leg is twice as thick as on the good leg due to lots of distance running. I have tried everything and even stopped running for two years. I just started back but can’t get past the soreness. Any suggestions?? The soreness seems to emanate from the place where it tore at the hip attachment (toward the inside of the pelvis (partial thickness tear) and radiate all the way down my leg. If I squeeze my butt cheeks together and put my weight on the torn leg, I can really isolate the pain. PLEASE HELP me.

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    Have you checked to see if there is a significant difference in range of motion between your two hamstrings? It could be that you are having these problems because your hamstring scarred down (like you suggested) and you lost a lot of ROM. Assuming that you had physical therapy when you first tore your hamstring, I’d recommend that you continue doing some of the stretching exercises that were given.

    From my own experience with a torn MCL and reoccurent ankle sprians, I’ve found that it is best to work up to three miles or so of pain-free, brisk walking before even beginning running. If I were you, I’d stop running for the time being because if your problem is being caused by your lack of flexibility, you’re much more likely to tear your hamstring, even with stretching prior to exercise.

    I hope this helps!



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