fractured elbow

i fractured my radial head and ulna on 7/18/05. I also tore ligaments. the ligaments and ulna are pinned and the radial head was removed and replaced with a titanium implant. I started therapy the week after surgery. I am very limited with all lower arm motion. the prognosis is full recovery with the exception of extension. my research shows this to be the common result. I want to know if there is any chance for full recovery. I am working very hard to get mobility.

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    i too, had my radial head removed and replaced with a titanium head twice. had the first operation in march 04. seven months later, had to have the implant removed and more bone cut off and another longer implant put in in october 04. my problem with the first op was that new bone had formed on top of the implant making it impossible for me to rotate the hand or arm. went to therapy for 6 months for nothing. when I had the second operation, I went to therapy 2 days after the surgery and the results were alot better. I still have to excercise the arm with light weights to keep it from stiffening up, but I’m almost 80 percent back to normal. I think that I’m still healing and getting better. it will never be the same as before the fall, but I’m back to enjoying the outdoor sports I did before the fall. don’t give up….


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