Fractured Patella

I tripped and fell on my knee…and when I went to the hospital they took x-rays and said that I had a fractured patella..i’m not in much pain but I can’t bend my knee. I can sorta put some pressure on my leg and walk sort of but i’m stayin on crutches for the most part. I have to go to another doctor and he’ll tell me how bad of a fracture it is. is it possible for u to tell me how bad it is by readin my condition? cuz I heard that if the fracture is really bad i’ll need surgery and i’m not lookin forward to that. any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated… Thank you Serah

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    I fractured my patella three weeks ago in auto accident. My doctor tells me by my xray that the lower portion of my patella is fractured clean across but is not displaced. He put me in a splint and on cruches ,to follow up every two weeks for xrays. he also said he didn’t think I had any tendon damage, because i’m able to lift and staighten my leg. I’m a competitive cyclist and i’m worried that I might not fully recover for this.. should I be. Phil


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